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El Cortez

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El Cortez

Kenny Epstein


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Hotel / Casino Ratings & Reviews El Cortez
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Bigfoot569@aol.com on August 24, 2014

A resort fee???? What resort? This place has no resort, no pool, no attraction. Nothing. Resort fee = a way to advertise a false price, then hit you up for more money once inside. That being said, I do not recall paying or being charged a resort fee on my stay. What I do recall was a clean (I repeat CLEAN) comfortable room with a cool nostalgic feel walking distance from Fremont street. I always stay here. If all you want is a nice clean room to lay your butt down after a hard night of enjoying Vegas, this is the place. Great prices too. Stay away from the food though. Nothing special. Hit up Fremont street when you are hungry. As I said in the beginning though, this place has absolutely no attractions that would justify a "resort fee", and I don't remember ever being charged one when I have stayed. This could just be a typo.

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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews El Cortez
Siegel’s 1941 American $15-$25 Any Attire 0 Stars Read Reviews | Write a Review

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